Friday, February 27, 2009

815 BTO Flats For Sale

Source : The Straits Times, Feb 26, 2009

THE Housing Board on Thursday launched its first build-to-order flat sale this year, with 815 flats in Woodlands up for grabs.


Called Champions Court, the batch of flats will include 224 units of studio apartments - offered for the first time in Woodlands.

There are also 182 units of three-room flats, 224 units of four-room flats and 185 units of five-room flats.

Champions Court is near Woodlands Regional Centre.

In a statement on Thursday, HDB said the new flats in Champions Court are priced below their equivalent market prices to ensure that they are affordable to first-time buyers.

The three-room flats range from $118,000 to $142,000, four-room flats from $194,000 to $227,000 and five-room flats from $247,000 to $296,000.

In the resale market, comparable three-room flats go for $200,000 to $209,000, while the four-room units go for $255,000 to $278,000, according to data provided by HDB.

Comparable five-room flats cost $304,000 to $345,000, it said.

The studio apartments are priced from $57,000 to $80,000.

Applications can be submitted online from Feb 26 to March 11.

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